man in glasses in front of bookshelf

Degree: PhD in French Literature, Case  Western  Reserve University

Position: Professor of French

Research Interests: 19th-century French  literature, Symbolist poetry, Realist narrative,  Literary History, Literature and the visual image

Campus Address: B-307 Wells Hall

Phone: (517) 355 8352


Marshall C. Olds is Professor of French at Michigan State University. A specialist of nineteenth-century French literature, he is the author and editor of books and articles on the works of Flaubert, Mallarmé, and related topics, and, recently, on the literature of the French Restoration and questions pertaining to literary history. His is Editor of the journal Nineteenth-Century French Studies. In 2007, Marshall Olds was made Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques for services to French culture and scholarship. For Sample publication click here