Degree: PhD, Penn State University, 2019; MA, Penn State University, 2015; MA Université Lille 3 Charles de Gaulle, 2010

Position: Assistant Professor of French

Research Interests: French colonial history, political activism, material culture, French feminism, politically-engaged literature 

Address: B-356 Wells Hall

Phone: 517-884-6308


Elizabeth Tuttle’s book project explores the complex network of political activists in interwar France and its colonies, particularly French West Africa, Algeria, and Indochina. The project tracks French feminists and anti-imperialists who distributed pamphlets, fliers, tracts, and posters in order to understand how the materiality of these texts shaped the movements to which they belonged. Dr. Tuttle’s research has been supported by the Millstone Research Fellowship, the Legacies of the Enlightenment Research Fellowship, and the Chateaubriand Fellowship and has been published by Women in French (forthcoming) and the Western Society for French History.