Photo of Dr. Meagan Driver
Photo of Dr. Meagan Driver

Degree: Ph.D., Georgetown University

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Romance and Classical Studies & Core Faculty, Second Language Studies

Research Interests: Heritage Language Education, Second Language Acquisition, Bi-/multilingualism, Study Abroad, Third Language Acquisition

Campus Address: Wells Hall B-365


Relevant Links: Website, Google Scholar, ResearchGate

Meagan Driver is an assistant professor in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies and a core faculty member in the Second Language Studies (SLS) Ph.D. Program.

Dr. Driver is an applied linguist who specializes in mixed-methods approaches to heritage and Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Within this realm, her research implements cognitive theories and methodologies to explore topics including emotion, bilingualism and multilingualism, and study abroad and the relationship with a range of linguistic, psychological, and social factors, including vocabulary learning, moral judgment, and identity, to name a few. A heritage speaker of Spanish herself, she aims to adapt instruments and methodologies in her research that address the reality and needs of linguistically and socially diverse learner populations. Presently, her work explores the relationship between various emotions, including anxiety, interest, and linguistic insecurity, motivation, and questions surrounding linguistic and ethnoracial identity, specifically with respect to the acquisition of a heritage or foreign language. At MSU, she teaches undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. courses in applied linguistics and SLA in both the Spanish and SLS programs and serves as Content Director for the Basic Spanish program.

Recent Publications

Goetze, J., & Driver, M. (In preparation). Learning is believing? – A meta- analysis of self-efficacy in SLA. Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching, Special issue on Individual differences and learning contexts: Meta-analytical studies in SLA research.

Leeman, J., & Driver, M. (Forthcoming). Spanish heritage speaker identity and study abroad. In R. Pozzi, C. Escalante, & T. Quan (Eds.), Heritage Speakers of Spanish in Study Abroad. New York: Routledge.

Leow, R., & Driver, M. (Forthcoming). Cognitive theoretical perspectives on corrective feedback. In H. Nassaji & E. Kartchava (Eds.), The Cambridge handbook of corrective feedback in language learning and teaching. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Driver, M. (2020). Switching codes and shifting morals: How code-switching and emotion affect moral judgment. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.