Conversation: Peruvian Speculative Fiction Bridging Past, Present, and Future

In this article by Rocio Quispe Agnoli, the spotlight is on Peruvian futurism, a captivating literary genre that merges ancestral heritage and contemporary issues in speculative fiction. The article introduces the Qhipa Pacha Collective, a group of 13 Peruvian writers, and their mission that they say “aims to recover the memory of our original peoples to build possible worlds.” Unlike conventional science fiction, Peruvian futurism is different in that it is portrayed as a genre that weaves together elements of the past and concerns of the present such as historical roots, societal dilemmas, and speculative elements to provide critical reflections on the world and human relationships.

Sarko Medina and Daniel Salvo are two authors discussed in the article about Peruvian futurism. They tackle themes of racism, class struggle, colonialism, and the consequences of digital dependence. These stories serve as a bridge between history and the future and foster an understanding of the societal issues that continue to persist and evolve over time. The article emphasizes the role that Peruvian futurism writers play in expanding our perspectives on the future.

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