Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies Minor

We explore the languages and the culture of the Classical World with an eye to making it relevant to student interests and the modern world. We use the art, monuments, and manuscripts, the original languages and primary sources, to place the Classics in their global context.

We Offer

Individualized Attention

Benefit from individual attention from award-winning faculty

Access to Antiquity

Provide exposure to Classical Languages and Cultures

Make the Past Come Alive

Curriculum that ushers a rich history from the past to the present

Art and Archaeology in Greece

Studying the art and monuments of the ancient Greek world in the classroom is one thing.  It is an entirely different matter when you are able to engage with that same material first-hand. Nothing can compare to the experience of standing in front of a Greek temple, walking through the rooms of a Roman bath, or entering the quiet spaces of a Byzantine monastery.







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