Greek Art and Archaeology

Studying the art and monuments of the ancient Greek world in the classroom is one thing. It is an entirely different matter when you are able to engage with that same material first-hand. Nothing can compare to the experience of standing in front of a Greek temple, walking through the rooms of a Roman bath, or entering the quiet spaces of a Byzantine monastery. 

This program offers you the opportunity not only to experience the ancient world as it has been revealed by others, but also to participate in the process of uncovering the past yourself as a member of the team at the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia.

This study program involves a great deal of active travel to a number of sites in Greece. Like other Mediterranean countries, Greece is a land of stark contrasts with tall, rocky mountains ending in deep, blue seas and small pockets of arable land scattered throughout. During the course of your stay, you will see the climate change rapidly from cool and damp in May to hot and arid in June. Over the course of four weeks, you will have the opportunity to visit such sites as Athens, Aegina, Delphi, Olympia, Sparta, Mycenae, Corinth, Epidauros and many lesser-known places as well.  Because Greece is a relatively small country with an excellent highway system, it is easy to reach most of these sites from a single central location.  As such you will spend three of the four weeks of this program in Loutro Elenis, a small village on the shore of the Saronic Gulf in an area of Greece known as the Corinthia. 


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