Spanish Club

Co-Presidents: Grace Sobeck and Shae Thompson

Secretary: Madeline Shank

Social Media/Community Outreach: Reagan Ammon

Events Coordinator: Katy Miller

Language and Discussion Facilitator: Maddie Hannon and Jimmy Guest

Adviser: Charles Moulding


MSU Spanish Club Facebook


The Inaugural Interlingual Translation & Interpretation (IITI) Workshop Series 2020-2021 at Michigan State University.

MSU has organized a series of three workshops in FS20 and a MSU Faculty Roundtable in SS21 on the translation & interpreting field. Each workshop includes a language neutral section and a section with a target language (Japanese, French, or Spanish). All are welcome to attend the language neutral portion of each workshop. This is open to undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, and the public. Please see the flyer (linked below) for more information.