Department Contacts

Below is all of the relevant contact information for the Department of Romance and Classical Studies. You can also view the quick reference for department contacts.

General Contact Information

619 Red Cedar Road
B-331 Wells Hall
East Lansing, 48824

Phone: (517) 355-8350
Fax: (517) 432-2736 

Office email for general inquiries:

Specific Points of Contact

Chair: Anthony Grubbs
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies: Anne Violin-Wigent
Associate Chair of Graduate Studies: Gabriela Alfaraz
Office Supervisor: Pam Withers
Undergraduate Adviser: Jennifer Gansler
Graduate Advising Contact: Professor Anthony Grubbs email:
Graduate Adviser – French: Valentina Denzel
Graduate Adviser – Hispanic Literature: Scott Boehm
Graduate Adviser – Spanish as a Second/Bilingual Language: Adolfo Ausin
Graduate Adviser – Linguistics: Silvina Bongiovanni


Graduate Student Inquiries:
Website and Social Media Inquiries:
Outreach and Service Inquiries: