Department Contacts

This is the quick reference guide for department contacts. For more contacts, you can also access the full departmental directory.

General Contact Information

619 Red Cedar Road
B-331 Wells Hall
East Lansing, 48824

Phone: (517) 355-8350
Fax: (517) 432-2736 

Office email for general inquiries:

Specific Points of Contact

Chair: Anthony Grubbs
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies: Anne Violin-Wigent
Associate Chair of Graduate Studies: Gabriela Alfaraz
Office Supervisor: Penny Shanks
Undergraduate Adviser: Jennifer Gansler
French and Spanish Minors Adviser: Jena Whitaker
Graduate Adviser – French: Valentina Denzel
Graduate Adviser – Hispanic Literature: Alejandra Márquez
Graduate Adviser – Spanish as a Second/Bilingual Language: Adolfo Ausin


Graduate Student Inquiries:
Website and Social Media Inquiries:
Outreach and Service Inquiries:


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