Logo for the Graduate Student Association and TROPOS Journal (GSA-TROPOS) in Romance and Classical Studies and German

TROPOS (way of life, manner, style) is a non-profit student organization representing the graduate students of the Department of Romance and Classical Studies and the graduate students of German at Michigan State University.

As part of our efforts to provide graduate students from across the field with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in scholarly dialogue and publication, TROPOS hosts a graduate student conference and publishes a journal on a regular basis.  From literature and cinema to linguistics and creative writing pieces, we hope our readers are inspired, entertained, and provoked to thought.

TROPOS was first published in 1971 and is one of the longest graduate student-edited journals in Romance Studies in North America. TROPOS constitutes an effort to create an intellectual space where graduate students could share their ideas. Along these years, both journal and conference have been organized, written, and published exclusively by our department’s graduate students and its continuity depends upon the tenacity of the editorial team, advisors, and the rest of the student body.

The Executive Board

Co-Chair (Interim)
Kailey Henderson

Faculty Advisor
Gabriela Alfaraz

The TROPOS Graduate Conference

The TROPOS Conference welcomes interdisciplinary papers and presentations in literary studies, cultural studies, visual arts, film and media studies, gender studies, and linguistics related to the Romance-speaking world. Papers may be presented in Spanish, French, or English and typically occur every other academic year.

Presentations and/or papers do not exceed twenty minutes (8 pages approximately) in order to allow time for discussion.

Once a call for papers has been announced, 200-250 word abstracts of proposed papers should be submitted by the deadline announced. Specify the language (English, French, Spanish) of presentation. Presentation title and abstract should be accompanied by: complete contact information:  complete name, mail address, email address, institutional affiliation (graduate program, department, and institution).

Acceptance of paper proposal are sent by e-mail within two weeks of the deadline noted in the “Call for papers.” Information on programming, lodgment, and conference fee will be sent after acceptance.

The most recent edition of the TROPOS Conference had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The next edition of the conference will be announced soon.

The Tropos Journal

Selected papers from the TROPOS Conference may be considered for publication in the associated issue of the Tropos journal following the conference.  More information on the next issue will be forthcoming.

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