Interested in conducting research in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies?

Students and faculty members who want to conduct research in RCS classes must submit a proposal to Drs. Anthony Grubbs and Anne Violin-Wigent before recruiting participants. Proposals should be around one page and include the following information: 

  • An outline of proposed goals
  • Methods
  • Type of data collection
  • Targeted level(s) and / or instructor(s)
  • Length and frequency of interactions / observations
  • Amount of class time to be taken and
  • Number of students affected

Proposals must also specify the IRB status of the project.

After approval is received from Drs. Grubbs and Violin-Wigent, the researcher(s) may proceed with the recruitment plan approved by the IRB. Please note that instructors may refuse the request, even if it is approved by the IRB and RCS. Similarly, students may refuse to participate or opt out of the project at any time.

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