French and Francophone Studies

Our programs combine language studies with issues related to identity, cultural diversity and inclusion, social justice, and global interconnectedness. By providing an integrated approach to experiential education with real-world applications, our programs empower students to chart a successful path from college to the professional world.

We offer

Small Classes

Benefit from individual attention from award-winning faculty


Complete your French program alongside a second area of study

Study Abroad

Experience linguistic and cultural immersion in France, Belgium, or Canada

Degree Areas


Students majoring  in French and Francophone Studies will acquire in depth knowledge of various cultural, linguistic, social and demographic areas in the Francophone world that connect the learning of the French language to the acquisition of practical skills immediately useful in real-world settings.


Students minoring  in French and Francophone Studies will acquire global awareness and familiarity with cultures, societies and languages of the Francophone world that are applicable to their majors through the acquisition of practical skills immediately useful in real-world settings.


This program allows students with a B.A. in French to further their studies in the French language, culture, and literature, while preparing them to further their career. Most of our M.A. graduates continue on to a Ph.D. program at MSU or elsewhere, or become certified high school teachers. Others pursue careers in translation, sustainable development, editing, advising study abroad programs, among others.


Our program offers several options which allow the doctoral students to work with a truly personalized degree, while retaining a strong foundation in French literature and culture. In recent years, dissertations have focused on Rabelais, 17th-century Theater, 20th-century holocaust writings, francophone children literature, the language in the banlieue, and the effect of text genre on reading comprehension. 

Study Abroad Program

French Language, Literature and Culture in Tours







Tours is located in the beautiful Loire Valley, often called the garden of France – a region of great cultural importance, famous for its historic and architectural heritage and majestic châteaux.

Featured Article

Empowering Cultural Curiosity in the MSU French Programme

Michael David Miller

My motivation to learn a new language was rooted in my desire to escape my everyday reality of my Mid-Michigan trailer-park poverty. Learning French allowed me to dream. Dreaming allowed me to temporarily escape my reality to places like Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Montréal (Canada), Briançon (France) or Casablanca (Morocco). Exploring these places in French class motivated me in high school, helped get me accepted in the MSU French programme and changed my life.

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featured News

Tony Grubbs Appointed Interim Chair of RCS

Associate Professor of Spanish Tony Grubbs has been appointed Interim Chair of the Department of Romance and Classical Studies. The two-year appointment, effective August 1, 2018, through August 15, 2020, was made in consultation with the Department of Romance and Classical Studies Advisory Committee.

Valentina Denzel: Exploring Our Past to Better Understand Our Present

Sometimes to understand our current worldview, it is necessary to examine and understand the events of our past, at least according to Assistant Professor of French Valentina Denzel, whose area of research focuses on how the Age of Enlightenment, an intellectual and philosophical European movement during the 18th century, continues to shape our everyday life.

MSU Receives $160,000 in HWW Global Midwest Grants

Three project teams that include MSU College of Arts & Letters faculty and students were among the 10 teams receiving funding in the 2016 Humanities Without Walls (HWW) Global Midwest Grants. In total, the teams received over $160,000 in grants.