Italian Language, Culture and Literature in Ferrara, Italy

Come study abroad in Ferrara, Italy!

Ferrara, Italy

Travel in Italy with Professor Carmen De Lorenzo!

Study Italian and learn about Italian culture experiencing Ferrara, one of the most charming Italian towns in the Region of Emilia Romagna. During their stay in Ferrara, students will enjoy magnificent art, and architecture from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern eras.

A former independent city-state that recently became an agricultural and industrial trading center, Ferrara is filled with monuments, palazzos, and cafes. Its museums, exhibitions, festivals, and theaters make the city an ideal location for a full immersion into the Italian life and culture.

In Ferrara, students will live with local families and study in a local school to experience the same lifestyle of their Italian peers.

Ferrara is also famous for its traditional food. Students will learn more about the history of Italian food and its evolution studying IAH 241C (an Honors option is available).

Through their coursework, extracurricular activities, and field trips, students will “live the language” and come back from this program with superior language skills and an authentic study abroad experience.

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