Requirements for Completion of the Minor in Italian:

Complete 20 or 21 credits from the following:  

1. All of the following courses (17 credits):  

ITL 201 Second-Year Italian I 
ITL 202 Second-Year Italian II 
ITL 320 Advanced Grammar and Composition 
ITL 330 Italian Culture and Civilization 
ITL 350 Introduction to Italian Literature 

2. One of the following courses (3 or 4 credits):  

*IAH 209 Art, the Visual, and Culture (D) 
*IAH 241C Creative Arts and Humanities: Global Cultural and Artistic Traditions (I) 
ITL 250 Topics in Italian Cultures for English Speakers 
*ITL 400 Reading Italian
*ITL 490 Independent Study 1-4 
*ROM 355 French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish Cinema

*Students must obtain approval from the Department of Romance and Classical Studies prior to enrollment in ROM 355, ITL 400, ITL 490, IAH 241C, and IAH 209. ITL 400 is only offered in the summer semester every three years. The IAH courses listed here are offered only as part of the education abroad program in Ferrara, Italy.  

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