Prof. Quispe Agnoli Receives WOCC Lifetime Achievement Award

On Feb. 23, 2024, Prof. Rocío Quispe Agnoli received the Lifetime Achievement Award at MSU’s 5th Annual Women of Color Community (WOCC) Conference.

This award honors a woman of color for her lifelong commitment and significant contributions to the empowerment of women of color in academia and beyond.

The WOCC was founded in 2018 to provide a social networking and professional resource for women of color administrators, faculty, academic specialists, and support staff. As a collective, it works to bring women of color together to discuss issues related to recruitment, retention, advancement and wellness of women of color at MSU. In presenting the award, the community recognized Quispe Agnoli with these words: 

“Prof. Rocío Quispe Agnoli is a world-renowned researcher on Indigenous writers and artists. She is also known for her advocacy for equity within the institution and mentorship.”

Through her diligent research and over seventy published articles, Quispe Agnoli has advocated for equity in many ways and has received several awards for her excellence.