Maria Laura Zalazar

Program: Master of Arts – Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language

Position: Teaching Excluded Graduate Assistant II – Spanish Writing Center

Research Interests: Second language acquisition, bi/multilingualism, Spanish-as-a-heritage-language (SHL), Spanish L2 reading and writing, teacher education, and language assessment.

Campus Address: Wells Hall B-370

Relevant Links: LinkedIn, Student Writing Center

Laura (she/her/hers) is a second-year MA student in the Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language. She has taught introductory and intermediate Spanish courses at MSU and she is the current Graduate Assistant coordinating the Spanish Writing Center. She serves as the secretary for GSA-TROPOS and the student representative for the Department Advisory Committee.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and prior to becoming a graduate student, Laura graduated with a BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. For five years, she worked as a Teacher of English in various institutions ranging from elementary to adult education in Greater Buenos Aires.

In 2018, Laura was awarded a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship grant that took her to teach Spanish in the US. She went to Amherst College, Massachusetts, where she was both a Teaching Assistant of Spanish and a cultural ambassador. During her year at Amherst, she took courses on L2 Spanish teaching methodologies and second language acquisition at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Laura is primarily interested in second language acquisition. Her research interests include bi/multilingualism, second and heritage language development with a focus on reading and writing, teacher education, and language assessment.