Romance and Classical Studies Celebrates French and Spanish Graduating Majors

The Department of Romance and Classical Studies is very pleased to celebrate its graduating majors in French and Spanish for the Spring Semester 2021. Especially in light of the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to celebrate the hard work of our students. RCS wishes everyone success in their continued endeavors!

Graduating Majors in French

Allie Bradley

Emily Taylor Klemetson

Elena Chevante Bulthuis

Ryan Schroeder

Sadie Lynnae Jay

Charlotte Lynne Okeefe

Kathleen Marie Fallon

Graduating Majors in Spanish

Josh Bristol

Addison Ann Healey

Elizabeth Kottl

Anna Lynn Pastyrnak

Madi Pehringer

Anamaria Jasenka Lopez

Maddie Hannon

Carolyn Frances Forrest

Nicole Marie Cubba

David Joshua Weinstein

Jenny Belfer

Deni Maqua Peterson

Richard Leander Swinson

Carla Vita Simone

Victor Wagner

Rachel Ann Moore

Elena Rose Faber

Andreah Sarah Patsalis

Anna Rashelle Buist

Allie Virginski

Bella Williams

Emily Elise Keller