Senegalese Griot Performance and Workshop Sponsored by RCS and Hillsdale College

On October 18th, 2022, RCS hosted a 90-minute workshop in the Theater Building featuring Senegalese griot and writer Boubacar Ndiaye, and musicians Amath Ndiaye and Papa Dethialaw Mbaye. 34 students and faculty members from various departments of CAL as well as students from the College of Education attended this workshop.

During this workshop, Boubacar talked about the importance of active listening when engaging with each other and with our environment, and he emphasized the need to respect each other. Every participant introduced themselves and engaged in singing and dancing with Boubacar Ndiaye,  Amath Ndiaye, and Papa Dethialaw Mbaye. Participants left the workshop with big smiles on their faces and a sense of connection.