Second Successful French-Language Film Festival

From Monday November 6 to Friday November 10, 2023, RCS’ second French-Language Film Festival –newly renamed for the late, beloved Prof. Anna Norris– drew over 150 enthusiastic viewers to screenings of some of the best of modern francophone cinema. The featured films all explored the theme of love, each with its own focus on the unique forms and shapes love can take. The movies included:

  • Ne le dis à personne (Guillaume Canet, 2006)
  • Five Shorts Against Homophobia (Various)
  • Le règne de la beauté (Denys Arcand, 2014)
  • Amour (Michael Haneke, 2012)
  • Ma vie en rose (Alain Berliner, 1997)

Profs. Denzel and Violin-Wigent Introduce the Festival to the Audience
Profs. Denzel and Violin-Wigent Introduce the Festival

RCS French professors Drs. Anne Violin-Wigent and Valentina Denzel contributed to organizing the festival, opened the screenings and assisted with presentations throughout the week. A film enthusiast associated with RCS introduced each film and conducted lively discussions after the screenings. Presenters included graduate students Laëtitia Kokx and Nico Norris as well as members of the French Club and associated faculty members Drs. Safoi Babana-Hampton and Mark Davis. The theme of love is varied and never grows old, so post-screening discussions were stimulating and very well attended.

Dr. Anne Violin-Wigent and Nico Norris engage with the audience at a screening.

The resounding success of this year’s festival bodes well for future years. The Anna Norris French-Language Film Festival will be back next fall with a fresh selection of fascinating cinema.

Members of the French Club Offer Commentary and Treats