“Conversation” Starter: Prof. Alejandra Márquez on Americans Seeking Reproductive Health Services in Mexico

RCS Spanish professor Alejandra Márquez’ timely article on Americans traveling to Mexico for reproductive health services will reach an estimated audience of over 13 million viewers. The article was published on the online journal The Conversation shortly after Forida’s six-week abortion ban became enforceable on May 1, 2024. Interest in the article has made Dr. Márquez the second-most read MSU author of that month. Moreover, the piece was picked up by other publications, including the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Prof. Márquez’ research interests are varied, but include contemporary Latin American literature, queer/cuir studies, Mexican chronicles, gendered narratives, gender identity and much more. She is currently working on a book on representations of lesbian desire in contemporary Mexican literature.

Prof. Marquez stands beneath a graffiti sign reading "Mexico mi amorcito"

The Conversation is an international journal that publishes news, news analysis and research from academics and other qualified experts and researchers for the general public. Prof. Márquez’ article, like others on the platform, offers the the findings of her rigorous investigation to readers in an accessible, journalistic voice that enhances engagement.