Scott Boehm Presents at ALCESXXI Colloquium

On Feb. 3, Scott Boehm presented a major public humanities project in a virtual colloquium organized by ALCESXXI. Boehm, among four other scholars from separate institutions, were invited to present their new projects within 21st century Spanish literature and cinema.

Boehm presented and shared the launch of the digital film archive MADRID 2015, an archive of Spain’s “Year of Change”. Allowing for interaction with lightly edited interviews and access to uniquely filmed footage recorded in 2015, the digital archive acts as a repository of the cultural memories of Spain. The archive is an extraordinary contribution to the documented history of Spain’s political cycles, and it completes the feature documentary film that is set to be released in 2025.

ALCESXXI holds these virtual meetings in order to build a virtual community of critical scholars and provide a space for open discussion and cultural analysis. It was an honor for Boehm, Assistant Professor of 20th/21st Spanish Culture, to be invited to share this new project.