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Degree: Ph.D. Comparative Literature. University of California, San Diego

Position: Associate Professor, 19th/20th Peninsular Studies

Research Interest: Basque and Spanish nationalisms,  Atlantic studies, intellectual discourse, postnationalism, masculinity, feminism, queer theory, globalization, Hispanic and Hollywood cinema

Campus Address: B460 Wells Hall

Phone: (517) 884-6327                                         


Joseba Gabilondo is an associate professor in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University. He has published several articles on Spanish and Basque nationalisms, Atlantic studies, Iberian studies, intellectual discourse, postnationalism, masculinity, feminism, queer theory, globalization, and Hispanic/Hollywood cinema.

He has published three books on Basque literature: Remnants of the NationProlegomena to a Postnational History of Basque Literature (2006, in Basque), New York – Martutene: On the Utopia of Basque Postnationalism and the Crisis of Neoliberal Globalization (2013, in Basque; National Essay Prize Euskadi), and Before Babel: A Cultural History of Basque Literatures (2016, in English and it can be consulted here)

He has also published two books in Basque on globalization and contemporary politics: Globalizations and the New Middle Age: On the Return of Differences (2015, Unamuno Essay Prize) and On Populism: Global Sovereignty and Basque Independence (2017).

He edited a monographic issue for the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies on The Hispanic Atlantic (2001) and is the coeditor of Empire and Terror: Nationalism/Postnationalism in the New Millennium (2004). An early version of his open-access book A Handbook to the Spanish Atlantic (Postimperialism in the Long Nineteenth Century) can be consulted here

He is currently working on two book manuscripts tentatively entitled: The Converts’ Hegemony: Neonationalism, Populism, and Intellectuals in Spain and Slavery and Entangled Empires: Spain and England in the 19th Century Atlantic. He has also published two narrative books in Basque: From California with Love (1992) and Vulgate of the Apocalypse (2009). For a full version of his CV go to: