Isaac Veysey-White
Isaac Veysey-White

Program: Ph.D. – Hispanic Cultural Studies

Position: Teaching Assistant III, Spanish

Research Interests: Spanish literature, comics, film, & popular culture; historical memory and collective identities; criticisms of neoliberalism & the 2008 economic crisis in Spain; Solidarity, collectives, and mutual aid; Queer & postcolonial/decolonial theories

Campus Address: Wells Hall B-470


Relevant Links: LinkedIn,, ResearchGate

Isaac Veysey-White is a Ph.D. candidate (A.B.D.) in Hispanic Cultural Studies and Teaching Assistant III in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University. He has previously taught courses in introductory and intermediate Spanish, as well as in Spanish grammar. He also serves as a department steward to the Graduate Employees Union. In addition, he earned a TEFL certificate in October 2020 from TtMadrid in Madrid, Spain and has English as a Foreign Language teaching experience. He previously earned a Master of Arts in Spanish from Western Michigan University in 2017.

Isaac’s research interests focus on contemporary Spanish peninsular literature, comics, and popular culture, with particular interest in memory, societal trauma, solidarity, and collective resistance. His dissertation project investigates criticisms of neoliberalism following the 2008 economic crisis and the 15-M movement in contemporary Spanish comics. He was the recipient of the Dr. Johannes Sachse Memmorial Award in 2020 and has recently published an article with the Spanish and Portuguese Review titled “Liberatory Queer Performance and the Coloniality of Gender in Melibea Obono’s La Bastarda.”