Martiniano Etchart

Program: Master of Arts – Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language

Position: Teaching Assistant II

Research Interests: L2 Spanish; Spanish Heritage Language (SHL) and Foreign Language (SFL) Education; Instructed Second Language Acquisition (ISLA); Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT); Individual Differences (IDs); Corrective Feedback; Bi-/Multilingualism; Language Teacher Training/Education.  

Campus Address: Wells Hall B-470


Relevant Links: LinkedIn

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Martiniano (he/him/his) joined Michigan State University in 2019 as an M.A student in the Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language program. At MSU, he has taught Spanish 200- and 300-level courses through the Department of Romance & Classical Studies (RCS), where he is a member of the departmental Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee.

Martiniano serves as a department steward to the Graduate Employees Union (GEU) as well as the Co-chair for GSA-TROPOS, and he is also the recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant of Spanish Award for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Prior to coming to MSU, Martiniano completed his undergraduate degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Argentina, where he graduated with honors. He taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL), English for Specific Purposes (ESP) as well as Business English (BE), and worked with students of different ages in diverse contexts, both in public and private institutions. 

In 2017, he started post-graduate studies in Applied Linguistics at University of Belgrano (Argentina), which he could not finish since in 2018 he was awarded a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant grant. He taught Spanish at University of Arkansas at Monticello for a year, where he also presided over the university’s Foreign Language Club in his role of cultural ambassador. 

Martiniano is interested in studying how L2 instruction affects learners in the acquisition of a foreign/heritage language, and how different (individual) variables interfere in the process. Thus, his research interests lie primarily in the areas of L2 Spanish, foreign/heritage language education, instructed second language acquisition (ISLA), task-based language teaching (TBLT), individual differences (IDs), corrective feedback, bi-/multilingualism, and language teacher education. Martiniano’s principal aim is to work toward narrowing the gap between research and practice in language teaching.